Save LocationEdit

Default Location (2000, XP): C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\.Anodyne
Default Location (Vista, 7): C:\Users\[USERNAME]\.Anodyne
Default Location (Linux): /home/.appdata/Anodyne/Local\ Store/#SharedObjects/Anodyne.swf/


Also found them in (all win7):
C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Anodyne\Local Store\#SharedObjects\Anodyne.swf\
Save file (all) is: ANODYNE_SAVE_123.sol
There's also a copy of anodyne_save_123 (no extension) in [STEAMPATH]\userdata\[STEAMID]/234900/remote (probably the steam cloud version for windows)


Note: Because of the way Flash handles saves, if you clear browser cookies you will probably clear your saves as well. Not to worry, as we also back up your saves as follows:

Suppose your username is "userName", then your backups will be at:

Windows: C:\Users\userName\Anodyne
Mac OSX: /Users/userName/Anodyne
Linux:  ~/Anodyne

Normal saves are located at:

Windows: C:\Users\userName\AppData\Roaming\Anodyne\Local Store\#SharedObjects\Anodyne.swf
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Anodyne/Local Store/#SharedObjects/Anodyne.swf 
Linux: ~/.appdata/Anodyne/Local Store/#SharedObjects/Anodyne.swf

To restore a backup, just copy and paste the backup save into the normal save directory!
I've been unable to restore a linux save game to continue playing it in windows. Seem steam cloud works in windows nowadays, but not in linux (

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